Get involved

No matter your area of interest, there are various ways to get involved with Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia (HSNS). Here, you’ll find out you can be a volunteer at one of our locations, get involved with our Board of Directors or join our Client/Patient Advisory Team.


Client/Patient Advisory Team (Partners in Care)

Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia (HSNS) is dedicated to client/patient and family centered care. This means putting clients and patients and their families at the center of decisions about their own health and care, as well as incorporating their voices and experiences into the development and assessment of our services.

Partners in Care is a committee made up of HSNS staff and client/family partners whose voices and perspectives are essential to the future health of Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia.

  • Do I believe that my opinion is important?
  • Am I willing to share my experience?
  • Can I keep information confidential?
  • Am I open to the opinions of others?
  • Am I willing to work with other people to improve hearing & speech services?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, we’d love for you to consider joining Partners in Care.
Ask a staff member for more information on how to become a Partner in Care or contact us:

1-888-780-3330 or 


Partner in Care FAQs

What is a Partner in Care?

A client or family member of a client who volunteers to help HSNS improve its hearing and speech services.

What does a Partner in Care do?

  • Join meetings
  • Work on committees
  • Share your experiences
  • Be honest
  • Ask questions

What will I do?

  • Attend an orientation workshop
  • Find a project that is meaningful to you
  • Participate as often as you’d like



Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia (HSNS) volunteers assist staff at many of our locations throughout the province. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and are required to submit a current criminal record check with vulnerable sector search. Volunteer placements are usually for a minimum of 3 months with a maximum of 7 hours per week. Most placements take place on weekdays between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm.

As a volunteer you will:

  • Give back to your local community
  • Support staff and clients/families
  • Gain experience
  • Develop new skills and sharpen old skills
  • Experience networking opportunities

HSNS has a limited number of volunteer opportunities available and not all requests can be accommodated.

How do I get involved?

Complete the volunteer applicaton

We will review your application and reach out to you when there is an open volunteer opportunity. Volunteer applications are kept on file for a six month period. 

Why do you ask for a Criminal Records Check?

HSNS requires that a criminal records check (with vulnerable sector search) be completed prior to volunteering, which can take several weeks. We are required to ensure that volunteers who may interact with our clients are thoroughly screened. Cost of the records check is not covered by HSNS.